Sleep Well and be Healthy


Snoring is not just an intolerable din, it is bad for your health. Snoring denies your body of oxygen. It stops you from sleeping well and that leaves you tired and affects your present- and long-term health. Many snorers also suffer from sleep apnoea. Due to inefficient breathing brain does not get oxygen at times and the body wakes up with a jerk. But once in a blue moon, the problem may become so severe that it may lead to death. So, if you need to stop snoring, then first determine which type of snoring solution will work best for you. When people sleep then their bodies relax and the tongue may fall back loosely and block the air passage. In obese people, the chin and neck have loose muscles and this also affects the sleeping posture and leads to snoring. When the tissue called uvula touches the throat tissue, the air passage is briefly blocked. Another reason is breathing through mouth. So in all these cases, the air passage is blocked, and the tissues strain and vibrate leading to the sound of snoring.

You may try many products before you find that perfect cure for your problem of snoring. Every person has a unique body shape and different health issues. A device for curing snoring may suit a friend of yours, but the same mouthpiece may not be comfortable for you. There is no single solution for any problem, and you cannot select the same medicine or device that fits everyone.

There are many products in the market but anti-snoring oral devices are considered as one of the better solutions to stop snoring. There are comfortable anti-snoring mouthpieces in the market. After some time, your mouth and mind get used to using one while sleeping. These are pretty affordable when you look at the long term health benefits.

Here is a device specially designed for retaining the tongue from falling back into the throat, called TRD or TSD. In a tight chinstrap device, the jaw is held upward. This helps to keep the air passage open and prevents soft tissue vibration. Respiratory process also improves enhancing the sleep quality, so you wake up feeling revitalized. The real oral mouthpieces need to be fitted according to the shape of the mouth and jaw. These stabilize the jaw against receding and help opening the airway. Many companies have launched their mouth piece products in the market. These oral devices help to reposition the lower jaw in a way that breathing becomes easier.

There are fusion devices that use both tongue stabilizing and jaw advancement techniques. There are so many manufacturers and sellers that it is difficult to decide the best one. You will be using the device for about 8 hours, every day and that too inside your mouth so you do not want to use anything that may affect your health. So ensure that the device is free of BPA. This is a harmful chemical and some very cheap products may contain this chemical. Ensure that device is not made of or does not contain latex. Many people may be allergic to this. The device should use better material like silicon.

Some materials make it very easy for the device to be moulded according to your mouth while some may not feel comfortable even after adjustments. The readymade mouthpieces come with instructions and you can customize them according to your mouth and dental structure. You can choose a package where the device is made based on a mould of your jaw line and mouth. This may be a little more expensive but it is worth the long term comfortable sleep.

Do not buy from spurious sellers. Many sellers claim to make these and sell at cheaper prices. But you do not want a remedy that addresses one problem but creates another one. So buy a device from a reputable seller, who has all the permissions to manufacture these devices. The seller should be able to prove the credentials. Try to reduce your weight as well. Apart from snoring, maintaining optimum weight is good for overall health also. If you think that you are suffering from any health condition, like deviated septum, sleep apnoea or your jaw is causing you any kind of pain, then see a medical practitioner before trying these devices. So if you snore or your partner does, and you want some peace and good rest, then a mouthpiece is a good cure for snoring. Use the one that suits you and then wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to face the world.